Our Team

Alan Armstrong

Training and ideas

Most of my work is either designing workshops and training, or working out how to use images to explain text when we do Easy Read.

I am a co researcher which takes me all over Wales and the UK.

I like football, watching rugby and walking. I’m the one in the Carmarthen office with the odd pie or pot noodle on my desk.

Mal Cansdale

Graphics design and

running Barod

I spend most of my time in the office in Carmarthen, mainly doing all the boring back room stuff that makes all the fun stuff happen. When I can I get out and about to do the training and facilitation. My laptop is the one with the Cyberman on it!

Simon Richards


I am a co researcher in the Research Team. I have worked on several projects including A Good Day in Torfaen and an evaluation project. Last summer I helped write a response to a research article about relationships. I live in Cardiff and I love watching football and wrestling, playing Pokemon Go and Open Mic nights.

Beth Lewis


I am a co-researcher at Barod. I joined Barod in 2020 to work on an evaluation project looking at coproduction. Since then I have helped to write about research into friendships and relationships and done an evaluation project. I live in North Wales and I like volunteering for the Food Bank and I like interior design.

Simon Rice

Research and photography

I am a co researcher for Barod. I do most of Barod's media work, photography and film making. You more likely to find me behind the camera than in front of it.

When I'm not at work or volunteering for Carmarthenshire People First I'm shopping for clothes or at a Peaky Blinders convention.

Bryan Collis

Director and Co-Lead Research

I  work from home on Barod's research projects. I have been doing research and evaluation for over 20 years. As a Barod Director I make sure Barod is working well and has good plans for the future. When I'm not being Barod, I'm walking our dog, making paper from wild plants in my shed, doing a crossfit workout or advising organisations about monitoring and evaluation. I am also a director of All Wales People First.