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This web site is written in everyday English.

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Our current training packages include

Accessible information

A training course designed by people who

develop and use accessible information every

day to help you turn your organisation into a more inclusive and open organisation.

Shared spaces

Understanding what it means to truly involve people and to develop coproduction as a real tool to working with your clients and the people who use your services.

Check Who we are to see the range of skills of the Barod worker-directors. Barod also has a network of associates who share our values. Each brings something extra to our work.

Talk to us about what you want to achieve from training. We will then suggest one of three things:

  1. One of our off-the-shelf training packages
  2. Someone else who has a suitable off the-shelf training package
  3. Working together to develop new training that is specific to your situation and your needs

We offer traditional group training, and distance training using training packs, online resources and Skype. You tell us how you prefer to be trained, and we will do our best to provide what works best for you.


Sometimes training on its own isn’t enough. Making important changes is always easier if you can talk to someone who has already made that change. By buying our mentoring service, you can get one or more of our directors to work alongside you until you are confident in your new skills. This could mean anything from spending several days with you to occasional phone calls to see how you are getting on.

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